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Leak Proof Mommy Bundle | Washable & Disposable Nursing Pads Kit for every situation, whether at home or on the go

Leak Proof Mommy Bundle | Washable & Disposable Nursing Pads Kit for every situation, whether at home or on the go

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❤ BE PREPARED, get the best of both worlds… save money with organic bamboo washable pads and have also ready your individually wrapped disposable pads while on the go or whenever you don’t feel like doing laundry ;)

 ❤ COMFORTABLE AND ULTRA ABSORBENT, both pads are gentle with sensitive nipples, feel a sense of ease putting these on with no pain. Stand up to strong let-downs and keeps moisture away from your body, keeping you dry longer reducing the times you need to change so you can spend more quality time with your little one ;)… thanks to the disposable’s pad quilted honeycomb technology and washable’s pad premium microfiber lining

❤ NIGHT AND DAY PROTECTION, each disposable pad has 5 layers of extra protection to keep you dry overnight, even with heavy milk flow and washables’ multi-pack includes 8 Daytime breastfeeding pads discreet and absorbent enough to keep you dry during the day and 4 Nightime Pads containing an extra protection layer to keep you dry overnight without having to change pads until the next day

❤ CONTOURED, SAFE AND HYGIENIC, each disposable pad is contoured for perfect fit on your breast and individually wrapped for you and your baby’s safety.

❤ HOLDS ON YOUR BRA, the 2 adhesives strips on the back will ensure the pads stays in place, no more worrying about having to re position them all day long like other cheap pads

 ❤ BREATHABLE AND MILKPROOF unique outer layer, lets air go in for a feeling of freshness and at the same time prevents breast milk leaking to your bra or clothes.

PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWER GIFTS OR REGISTRY, Surprise expecting mothers with these useful disposable and washable breast pads or you can also check out our other breastfeeding supplies like Multi Use Nursing Covers, Nipple Balm and Hot/Cold Therapy Gel Pads to create the perfect kit / gift set.


Mommyz Love’s Leak Proof Mommy Bundle is for all Nursing Moms who need an efficient way to protect their clothes from breastmilk leaks but can't find a comfortable disposable and washable nursing pad that is soft, discreet and absorbent enough.

Here's a huge problem you face right now. It's cheap nursing pads that are not absorbent enough and rough on your nipples. But that's not the end of your problems with protecting your clothes from breast milk stains. 

What makes this even worse is the fact that without the right disposable or washable nursing pads you'll experience discomfort on your nipples and embarrassing leaks! Which means you'll waste more time constantly changing and washing your pads because they are not absorbent enough to stand up to strong let downs and also cause sore nipples.

And, worst of all, many Nursing Moms can't get past the idea that all disposable and washable nursing pads are the same, so you should buy the cheapest ones.

All this can make trying to prevent embarrassing leaks a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution! 

So, if you're a Nursing Mom and who really needs an efficient way to protect clothes from breast milk leaks but can't find a comfortable disposable and washable nursing pad that is discreet and absorbent enough, "Leak Proof Mommy Bundle" is the answer you've been looking for!


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