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Organic Nipple Balm for Breastfeeding Relief (2 oz Jar) / Pediatrician Tested

Organic Nipple Balm for Breastfeeding Relief (2 oz Jar) / Pediatrician Tested

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❤ SOOTHES, HEALS, PROTECTS & MOISTURIZES your nipples for a pleasant breastfeeding experience and even when you are pregnant and your nipples start itching ;) It can be used also for diaper rash, on baby’s dry spots, your lips and anywhere on your skin!

❤ ODORLESS & EASILY ABSORBED! Say goodbye to strong odors, unlike the chemical ones our nipple balm has no odor so your baby won’t notice a difference when you wear it. It’s also specially formulated to quickly absorb into your skin without the need to apply a lot of pressure.

❤ IMPROVE PUMPING EXPERIENCE! When applied around your nipples it will help to relieve the friction discomfort from the strong pulling the pump vacuum causes

❤ PEDIATRICIAN TESTED! In addition to being USDA Certified Organic we went the extra mile to get our formula tested by pediatricians to ensure safety, quality and purity! No hidden toxins or chemicals, LANOLIN FREE ❤ PETROLEUM FREE ❤ DYES FREE ❤ CRUELTY FREE ❤ GLUTEN FREE ❤ GMO FREE ❤ SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES FREE

❤ MOMMY & BABY HAPPY GUARANTEE! From Nursing Mom to Nursing Mom… I want you to be thrilled with your purchase, so if for ANY reason you and your baby are not in LOVE with our nipple balm I will personally refund 100% of your purchase, NO questions asked, anytime… yes ANYTIME! – I give you my Nursing Mom word ;)


PERFECT FOR BABY SHOWER GIFTS OR REGISTRY, Surprise expecting mothers with this Organic life saver nipple cream or you can also check out our other breastfeeding supplies like the Hot / Cold Therapy Gel Pads, Disposable and Washable Nursing Pads and Multi Use Nursing Covers to create the perfect kit / gift set.

CREATED WITH LOVE BY A NURSING MOM This nipple balm and all the other Mommyz Love products are created with love by a Nursing Mom with a mission to improve the breastfeeding journeys of as many other Moms as possible!


“All the products I have created are the answer to many needs /struggles I had during my first breastfeeding journey where I almost quit… Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be hard, it ‘can be easier with the support of great products like this nipple balm.” Stephanie M – Mommyz Love Founder


Say NO to harsh chemicals and Toxins! Our formula is USDA Certified Organic by New Mexico Department of Agriculture, and PEDIATRICIAN TESTED. You can rest assured that it is:










If you're a nursing mom who really needs to breastfeed without pain but can't find the right nipple balm, "Mommyz Love Organic Nipple Balm" is the answer you've been looking for!


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So with so many choices out there, and so many companies offering baby products, what sets us aside from the rest:

  • All our products are made with baby safe materials and top quality ingredients that are gentle on your babies skin.
  • Everything from design, research and development has been thought out by real life Mommyz.
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